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Welcome to Quick Fix for Less!

Quickfixforless.com offers you the most reliable synthetic urine by Spectrum Labs at direct pricing. We are determined to sell only the highest laboratory grade synthetic urine in the market. The Quick Fix urine we sell is manufactured at Spectrum Labs. The unisex synthetic urine is laboratory tested to ensure that each sample contains proper pH balance, specific gravity, and creatine.

Why Quick Fix for Less?


Quickfixforless.com is a independent distributor authorized by Spectrum Labs, maker of the Quick Fix products. Quickfixforless.com offers the latest versions of Quick Fix 6.2 (2 oz.) and larger Quick Fix 6.2 Plus (3 oz.) at direct pricing. Due to our high volume of Quick Fix urine sales on line, we are able to push down the price of this miracle solution and pass the savings on to you. Quickfixforless.com offers a knowledgeable, friendly, 24-hour staff to answer any questions you have about the product, preparation or shipping. With years of industry experience, we are confident that we deliver only the best in pre screen testing. Quickfixforless.com offers single purchases and bundle packs direct and discreetly to your door step. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products purchased from our site and ensure you will get the highest quality synthetic urine available!

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Quickfixforless.com is proud to bring you the latest in synthetic urine technology at direct pricing. We specialize and only sell the best laboratory grade synthetic urine on the market today. Quick Fix synthetic urine manufactured direct from Spectrum Labs is a unisex synthetic urine blend that provides complete privacy in any testing situation you may face. Quick Fix synthetic urine is laboratory tested to ensure each sample of this human-like urine is exact and contains the proper ph balance, creatine, specific gravity, color and uric acid to clone the exact structure of normal human urine. Quick Fix urine is guaranteed to protect your privacy in any pre-employment screening and Quickfixforless.com delivers Quick Fix in two convenient sizes at one low price!


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