With hundreds of sites on the web referencing Quick Fix urine we have decided to put together a forum type post of the most frequently asked question one might have before or when using Quick Fix synthetic urine by spectrum labs. With questions flooding in daily our quick fix urine reviews team has come up with a quick guide to help clear up the smoke! Below we have listed the most common FAQ about fake pee and the famous Quick Fix.

Is Quick Fix urine unisex? Can males or females use it?

Yes, Quick Fix urine will work for both male and female so relax your covered, current mandate and laws prohibits labs for testing for gender

Can Quick Fix urine be heated and cooled multiple times? What if I overheat it, is it ruined?

Quick Fix urine was engineered with a little practice in mind it can be heated and cooled as many times as need and it will not tamper with the urine sample. If you happen to overheat the fake urine simply let the product cool for 2 minutes then repeat the procedure again or until you get a reading on the temperature strip.

How long does does Quick Fix urine last? How can I tell if my Quick Fix urine is bad?

Quick Fix urine is the only synthetic urine blend on the market today that contains biocides http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biocide and offers a 2 year shelf life. To check your urine samples expiration date simply refer to the batch number located on the directions enclosed in every box. Always check your batch number to confirm its validity and check for any possible recalls prior to use.

Why are there 2 different sizes of Quick Fix urine will either size work?

Spectrum Labs offers Quick Fix in two convenient sizes for any occasion and yes they both work. The normal Quick Fix 2oz bottle will fill a test cup exactly to the line the dot required minimum as the larger 3oz plus version will exceed the line by one ounce and give you some breathing room.

I have a half bottle of Quick Fix; can I add some real urine or water?

No never add anything to your Quick Fix this will contaminate the sample and it will not be effective.

What if my Quick Fix kit accidental got frozen in my car is it still good for use?

Yes simply let your sample thaw out at regular room temp and use it as normal and you will be just fine.

Is Quick Fix guaranteed to work for a lab screen?

Yes if you follow the directions provided in every box of Quick Fix urine you will be guaranteed to pass your nicotine screen.

Do other synthetic urine brands work as well as Quick Fix?

No, we never recommend you use any other brand besides www.urineluck.com, Spectrum Labs Quick Fix. Except no imitations and buy direct from one of these authorized sources, www.quickfixsynthetic.com or www.quickfixurine.com

Is it possible to mix two bottles of Quick Fix together as one?

As long as both bottles of urine provided are current batches mixing the two bottles together will work it should not affect any test results. If you would like to confirm your batch number simply call the manufacturer with the 1-800 provided on every box of Quick Fix.